EXCLUSIVE Danielle Arielli ‘Getcha Body’ [All That Jelly]

Tooflez Musik-head Danielle Arielli, also known as Andi A, is up next on Smile For A While’s sublabel All That Jelly with her The Green House Experience EP, consisting out of four classy House tunes ready for the floors and capturing the vibe of the 90s with a new livery. The B1, Getcha Body, comes in with warm keys, jackin’ House vocals as well as horn stabs creating an inescapable momentum, which is hard to unchain from as its groove ties one not only deeper but tightly to the track’s it before everything culminates in a break-esque seeming break. Getcha Body then picks up where it had starting and floats on its bass line wrapped with harmonic chords to the end.

Danielle Arielli’s The Green House Experience EP will be released on All That Jelly on October 7th, 2022.

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