EXCLUSIVE Fred Everything feat. Rise Ashen ‘Light Of Day (Manuel Tur 2022 Dub) [Lazy Days Recordings]

Canadian artist Fred Everything‘s Light Of Day gets the remix treatment from none other than German (Deep)-Houser Manuel Tur, who delivers a remix as well as a dub version of the originally in 2004 released track on 20/20 Vision (The Moving version’s were even out in 2002). With the result Tur scratches at the door of creating another classic. The bleeping and catchy synth-line combined with the lush and bouncing bass line and also the sparsely used vocals from Rise Ashen in the 2022 dub push listeners and House Music enthusiasts both to their dancing-skills limits. Again Manuel Tur proves how to arrange and use synths in a way that a track turns out to be appealing to smaller as well as bigger crowds without losing the original character and becoming yet another tool to be played.

Fred Everything ft. Rise Ashen’s Light Of Day Manuel Tur 2022 Remixes will be released on Lazy Days Recordings on October 7th, 2022.

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