REVIEW Gallegos ‘Pump Up The Sound’ [Slump Recordings]

Gallegos is a relatively young, but yet already well-established Bristol-based producer, with releases on labels like Banoffied Pies, Feeling Worldwide and Holding Hands Records just to name a few. His style is diverse, with influences reaching from UK Garage, 90s flavored Deep House and Hip House to everything in between. For his latest EP — Pump Up The Sound — is now released on Baby Rollén’s Slump Records. The Bristol-based buddies’ ranging styles deliver a proper nostalgic approach and involve Gallegos’ all-encompassing production skills.

Pump Up The Sound, the first track of the EP, seems to be heavy influenced by early Deep House and US Hip House scene. There are well-chosen old school samples here mixed with nice trendy bleepy sounds making the track an intriguing opener for what is yet to follow with the other tracks from the EP.

The A2, Faulty VHS Chewed My WWF Tapes, is a skillful nod to an imaginary analogue era with its charming VHS aesthetic combined with an excellent drum programming. This track has a retro-ish and futuristic feel — contradiction noted — all at the same time.

The third take of the EP, namely Only The Lonely, reverbs a forgotten gem from the golden days of the East Side HipHop era. The outstanding groove combs itself nicely back.

The B-side starts with the highlight of the EP, Westfest Windmills, which has a techy progressive vibe and evokes a big room feel without sounding forced to fit the occasion and location though. The drum programming is excellently out-balanced while a haunting breakbeat and old school siren is foolproof in heightening the dance floor’s night. Here it is: our true underground warehouse stomper.

The B2, Warm Grass With Friends, is the pure sampledelic goodness, of course with plenty of carefully selected samples, a catchy melody, and a fast Deep House groove. Potentially scored as a computer game, yet to be played!

Gallegos does everything right here, simple but beautiful sampling-skills create a novel and driven sound. I guess we will see how it goes, maybe new the Fat Boy Slim is putting on pounds right now!

Gallego’s Pump Up The Sound was released on Slump Recordings on May 13th, 2022.

Words by Pasha Pliskin

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