EXCLUSIVE Joakim ‘Formosan Rock (Paula Tape Remix)’ [Tigersushi]

Iconic Paris-based artist Joakim released his Second Nature album around eight months ago to now return with the remix-edition of it. All remixers were handpicked by Joakim himself so the listener can experience meaningful and diverse approaches for the tracks. One of the remixers is Chilean-born and Italy-based Paula Tape, who has own works out on Italian label Alzaya, Rhythm Section International or Permanent Vacation or Correspondant. Musically diverse Paula took the deep Balearic route with her remix-treatment for Joakim’s Formosan Rock creating a driving piece of music that lets the sun shine through with every single chord and beat. Elegantly and with class Paula’s re-imagination of the track not only includes those soft, almost relaxing chords but also bird’s tweeting among other spoken vocals. But when one thinks this track is more of a laid-back groover it takes up pace, includes another intriguing chord-sequence and prepares the dance floor for a magical ride into the sunset.

Joakim’s Second Nature Remixes will be released on Tigersushi on May 27th, 2022.

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