SUBWAX DISTRIBUTION TOP10 – 05/2022 selected by Baldo

With a new EP in the pipe, namely Groove Radiance, Barcelona-based artist Baldo is back on his very own label Physical Education. Again another groove-breaking, breath-taking outing after his EP on Permanent Vacation a few weeks back. In-between producing, spinning records and running Subwax, Baldo provides us with ten more cuts from the distributor’s catalogue.

  1. Mike Terra – Moonshine003 [Depths]
  2. Jake Flory – Pure Tone (Crisi Cons Remix) [MTM]
  3. A:G – Eventide Encounters [Partisan]
  4. Rudolf C – Mind User [Limousine Dream]
  5. FSK24 – Smurf Dance [ALT Records]
  6. Two Opposites – Atmosphere Exoplanet [Antam Records]
  7. Nick Beringer & Sota – Done Deal [Rubisco]
  8. Cignol – Events Unknowable [Vision System]
  9. Flame – Resolve [Ruff Stuff Music]
  10. Daniel Savio & Mesak – Tungt Vatten [Orson Records]

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