EXCLUSIVE Brother Nebula ‘The Burden Of Proof’ [Legwork]

Legwork is back with its eleventh release of its dance floor work-out program from label affiliate Brother Nebula, who delivers, in reference to his artist name, a fiver tracker that goes by the name of Brother Says Relax. Known for combining deeper, cosmic, spheric and broken beat influenced music, Brother Nebula choses exactly this approach for his latest EP. The B1, The Burden Proof, is a spaced-out broken beats synth-affair that musically does not leave you with any unanswered question. Charming from start to finish The Burden Of Proof bewitches its listeners with its mellow synth and the resulting memorable sequence of chords, the affectionate vocals in combination with the roll’en broken beats add the missing pieces for an overall extremely alluring track.

Brother Nebula’s EP Brother Says Relax will be released on Legwork on May 27th, 2022

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