EXCLUSIVE All Is Well ‘Tortue Jaune’ [Mule Musiq]

It’s hard to not use any superlatives when speaking of Japanese label Mule Musiq, the creative output and playground for all electronic music mainstays, aspiring artists or anybody who simply puts music first. Catalogue number 279 of the label, which is run by Toshiya Kawasaki, comes from iconic Canadian producer All Is Well, who most followers of the scene know under his Fred Everything moniker, and goes by the French name of Tortue Jaune. The artist’s altogether six EP, two on Drumpoet Community, one on Permanent Vacation, one on Endless and one on Internasjonal, comes with two original tracks, Sarassota and Tortue Jaune. The latter, which means yellow turtle in English, is AIW picking up on those almost deep dubby cosmic vibes he introduced us to with his Fragments EP on Drumpoet Community back in 2018 – becoming a major success and essential tune for many. The heavily melodic-infused track does not lose any time to soak its listener into a bubble of spheric yet dance floor-oriented soundscapes, putting one into a lose-yourself-in-music summer experience still remains a time- and season-less tune like all of the artist’s works.

All Is Well’s EP Tortue Jaune will be released on Mule Musiq on May 27th, 2022.

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