EXCLUSIVE Shine Grooves ‘Tool’ [Carpet & Snares Records]

Yekaterinburg-based electronic music wizard Shine Grooves delivers the next EP on Lisbon record store and label Carpet & Snares Records, run by Jorge Caiado and Roy, The six-tracker, that goes by the name of Space Garden, focuses on spheric sounds and, as the EP title suggests, creates futuristic approaches readying the listener for a night finding shelter in escapism. The B1, Tool, is probably the most forward-going take from the EP and lures the listeners into its groove with what can be described as a stripped-down Dub-Techno weapon. The repetitive loop, which makes the track one hell of a dance floor tool, is built upon or around a tempting chord-sequence and a driving bass line with atmospheric background pads – catchy, intriguing and highly addictive or an ordinary Shine Grooves track.

Shine Grooves’ Space Garden EP will be released on Carpet & Snares Records on February 7th, 2022.

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