EXCLUSIVE Nicolas Duque ‘En Voiture’ [Magic Carpet]

Rising Colombian artist Nicolas Duque takes the scene by storm. With releases on Dansu Discs, Breaks N Pieces and Nuances de Nuit the artist has left his mark with only few but quality releases that highlight his preference for electronic music with an UK-twist. Now Nicolas’ next EP is in the pipe, namely Groove Town, a club-oriented four tracker, that is soon to be out on Magic Carpet. The A2, En Voiture, which is French for by car, takes us on a ride through sounds. The housey-lush almost uplifting bass line is accompanied by smirking chords that culminate in a break-ish break accentuating the artist’s before mentioned affinity for UKG sounds. The then incoming Acid-bleeps add a different facet to En Voiture as if Nicolas floored the gas pedal to turn off at the next club exit and dance, dance, dance.

Nicolas Duque’s EP Groove Town will be released on Magic Carpet on February 1st, 2022.

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