EXCLUSIVE Superpitcher ‘Lush Life feat. Fantastic Twins’ [Live At Robert Johnson]

He’s back. He’s back with some lush music. He’s back with his Lush Life single. Aksel Schaufler alias Superpitcher, a Kompakt mainstay, the co-label head of Hippie Dance, one part of the Pachanga Boys and known as the ambassador of the golden rave days, debuts on the Live At Robert Johnson label with a two tracker as golden as the twelve ravey chapters he’s put out on his own label. Lush Life, the EP’s eponymous track, features French-Berliner Fantastic Twins’ for the vocals, and comes in as Superpitcher-esque on the one hand and quite different on the other. The almost ten minute lasting track is probably a typical Superpitcher feature, what is new though, is the selection of sounds and the result in general. Aksel created an utterly atmospheric take, which flows by as fast as the rave-days, and takes its listeners back to the days when Francois K delivered dubby House music takes per excellence, just like Superpitcher does now himself. Peaceful almost spiritual and endearing are traits that describe the emotional components the track evokes in its listeners with a Julienne Dessagne, Fantastic Twins real name, delivering those charming vocals that hunt you through the night and over the floors.

Superpitcher’s single Lush Life will be released on Live At Robert Johnson on February 18th, 2022.

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