EXCLUSIVE Caucasian Boy ‘Remote Control’ [Music For Freaks]

Renowned British label Music For Freaks, short MFF, is back with a heavy two tracker from Caucasian Boy (AKA Crispin J Glover and David Jenkins, AKA DJ Shakra) that has everything a dance floor-oriented release needs in order to fascinate club-goers and DJs alike. The EP’s eponymous track Remote Control, is – like label MFF-label head Justin Harris puts it – a perfect six and a half minutes of heads down warehouse acid groove, all culminating in a kick-ass gorgeous breakdown. And one couldn’t agree more, as Remote Control basically pushes the listener through its dynamic beginning, before the tension is released in the break. From then on the track takes on the the energetic and fulminant road that has intrigued one from the beginning.

Caucasian Boy’s EP Remote Control is released on Music For Freaks on December 3rd, 2021.

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