ART:CAST #125 by Iron Curtis, Holger Breuer, Friz07

The 125th installment of the art:cast series comes in three parts and was recorded live at Torture the Artist’s event at Luna Club, Kiel on November 26th, 2021. The webzine and Luna invited electronic music icon and Paloma-resident Iron Curtis for that occasion, who was musically accompanied by Torture the Artist head Holger Breuer and Luna mainstay Friz07. The sets come in the order the artists played that night but perfectly portray the artist’s musical (current) preferences. Starting off with some proper (Deep) House tunes, it’s Holger Breuer warming things up in the heat of the Luna basement for Johannes Paluka alias Iron Curtis, who guides the crowd through his musical potpourri that varies between Rave, House, Acid or Techno before Friz07 comes in with a slight deep, tech and minimalistic vibe to round things off.

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