EXCLUSIVE Farren Laen ‘Reality’ [Laen Disc]

It’s been one year since Farren Laen’s first output, Attention Renders Your Reality, on his Laen Disc label. Now the New Yorker is back with the second installment on his label and three new tracks, each sweetly touching the base of one’s feelings by combining and transporting latter in their synth-lines. To Will One Thing, the name of LaenDisc002, was writen and produced over the course of 2020 and into 2021, so basically over a time when most clubs and venues were shut down, maybe therefore Farren asks to play the tracks out loud. But let’s face it, the music on this release perfectly works when not played out loud too. However, a good sound-system with enough power makes the tracks unfold it’s full (club) potential and let you enter a new reality. Speaking of, the A1 is called the same and sucks you into its reality – beat by beat, chord by chord, vocal after vocal, bleep by bleep. Reality is one of these tracks that burns its way into one’s mind with each listening – maybe it’s Farren’s ease of putting the before mentioned elements together or the slow and continuous built-up or the delicate synth-line that makes Reality a tune to remember or stay in your record bag for a long time. But whatever it is, fact is that one can enjoy reality better with Farren’s new EP.

Farren Laen’s EP To Will One Thing will be released on Laen Disc on December 3rd, 2021.

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