EXCLUSIVE Moises ‘Soundtisfaction’ [BienAimer Music]

Shortly after their 4th anniversary festivities at fabric/ London, BienAimer releases the third volume of their various artist compilation Da East Grooves, which is a potpourri of artists representing the label’s unique sound – a sound BienAimer has established over the years quite successfully. The eight-tracker comes with contributions from French Space Cowboys Oden & Fatzo, label-mainstay REda daRE and many others, with each track cutting deeper into the deepness of arps and pads, with some tracks aiming to create peak time moments while others prepare the latter with intriguing chord sequences and lush bass lines. The MO-OB and SES label owner Moises does just that with his Soundtisfaction track. In Moises spheric all-rounder chords and pad sequences alternate and create different atmospheres that are connected but foremost held together by the groovey bass line. However, it’s the deepness between and within that makes Soundtisfaction a blissful affair for the dance, for the floors and wherever it is played out.

Da East Grooves Vol. 3 was released on BienAimer Music on November 12th, 2021.

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