DJ CHARTS Iron Curtis [Frank Music/ RAWAX]

For more than a decade Berlin-based Johannes Paluka, rather known under his artist moniker Iron Curtis, has been producing and releasing music with a deeper note. Even though it’s hard to pinpoint the artist’s approach to a certain genre, it’s safe to say that Iron Curtis’ music includes influences from House, Deep House, Acid or Disco – sometimes with a dubby and even technoid note. The eclectic the artist is, the clearer it seems that Johannes’ music has found a home on various labels within the scene. Uncanny Valley, Hudd Traxx or Ripperton’s Tamed Records or RAWAX are only a few imprints where the Paluka has put out his music. Furthermore, the artist released two collaborative albums with his Bavarian-mate Johannes Albert on the latter’s own imprint Frank Music with new material being in the pipe. Aside from producing Iron Curtis is a Berghain/ Panoramabar-mainstay and a HÖR Berlin regular – always proving and always again why he’s such an in-demand artist.

  1. Robert Armani – Muzik Man [Chiwax]
  2. Marcel Lentges – CBBA [MODEM:39]
  3. Oceanic – Total Comfort [Rush Hour]
  4. Patricia – Higher Still [Acid Test]
  5. Monty Luke – Fantasms [Black Catalogue]
  6. NTHR1 – Spread Love [Ganzfeld Records]
  7. John Deere 420 – Why u left ? [DLZ]
  8. PZ Specialist – Powerball [Velodrome Recordings]
  9. Scott Grooves – Riddum (Leaves Shakur Edit) [unknown]
  10. Iron Curtis – Münster West [Frank Music]

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