EXCLUSIVE Planet Love ‘Bird Song [ ’92 ]’ [return_backspace]

Swiss producer Planet Love alias Marco Repetto is responsible for the first release of return_backspace, a label that focusses on the delicate almost childishly naive playful sounds of the 90’s era that, in terms of music, is probably even more relevant today than it was back then. But if you thought return_backspace only puts out music that sounds like this era, you’re proven wrong. The label releases music that was produced during this period of time and just gives it some little adjustments in terms of mastering to make it sound like contemporary pieces of music. Marco Repetto’s three tracker New Era contains music that was originally put together in his studio between 1990 and 1992, altogether three tracks. Bird Song [ ’92 ] comes in with a lush bass line that basically pushes you into the track without leaving you with the slightest chance of escaping this. The track is then enriched with an equally catchy synth-line, bird tweeting, Atari-sounds and break-esque elements. What sounds like a potpourri of various styles and influences is put so smoothly together that Bird Song [ ’92 ] turns out to be the musical metamorphose of a sparrow to an eagle that pleases the night owls on the floor with its remarkable wings.

Planet Love’s New Era EP will be released on return_backspace on November 15th, 2021.

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