ART:CAST #123 by Gilbert

Bristol-based live act, producer, foremost artist Gilbert delivers the latest installment of the art:cast series: an one hour and eleven minute lasting journey through his own productions. After having released on labels such as Echocentric Records, his co-run label Innate, which he operates alongside Owain K, 030303 or Distorted Sensory Perception Tom, Gilbert’s surname, the artist teases us with some upcoming and unreleased material in his art;cast, which smoothly fits into his previous releases and enhances the artist’s musical diversity. Speaking of the latter, Gilbert’s art:cast takes the listener on a ride – not only through his own music but foremost through electronic music (sub)genres. Deep almost trancey chords here and there are enriched with some more Acid-bleeps there, Housey basslines make way for more techy ones, pad sequences turn into dreamy soundscapes and club-oriented vibes alternate with those that keep you calm and grounded. Gilbert’s art:cast has many facets to offer but remains true to one vibe, a homogenous construct with all the deepness music has to offer and also the knowledge to put a piece like this together, which wave-like guides one through the different stages of the euphoria, music can trigger.


Gilbert – New Reality [Echocentric]

Gilbert – Ylem – Forthcoming [030303]

Gilbert – Untitled [unreleased]

Gilbert – Polynoid [Innate]

Gilbert – Swamps on Jupiter [Echocentric]

Gilbert – Untitled [unreleased]

Gilbert – Birds of Paradise [Innate]

Gilbert – Illumination [Distorted Sensory Perception]

Gilbert – Untitled [unreleased]

Gilbert – Furthest Planet [Innate]

Gilbert – Star Cycles [Echocentric]

Gilbert – Untitled [unreleased]

Gilbert – Ancient Technology [unreleased]

Gilbert – Untitled [unreleased]

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