EXCLUSIVE Tee Mango ‘Last Dance’ [Aus Music]

UK-music ambassador Tee Mango delivers his altogether fourth EP, Last Dance, on Will Saul’s Aus Music and delves into new territory on the EP as he lends his vocals to each of the three tracks. Combined with the rather deep and melodic vibe T’s vocals add an irresistable note to each of the cuts – a beautiful melancholy that one is dying to listen to over and over again. The Millionhands label head provides a bass line in the beat of a heart for the EP opener and name giving track Last Dance. Luring the listener into its vibe with an almost two minute built-up before his echoing vocals set in and please the pads to then softly and reaptingly ask ‘Will you stay for one more dance, my love? Will you stay with me?“, it’s difficult to deny the wish. However, with vocals and a synth-line as sweet as this it’s impossible to give the track a wide berth.

Tee Mango’s EP Last Dance will be released soon on Aus Music.

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