EXCLUSIVE Papolious Jones ‘We’re The OGs (Original Ghosts)’ [Top Rhythm Boppers]

Mr. Jones, also known as Brian Topham, is back with the second installment on his label Top Rhythm Boppers, simply called Volume 2, a musical conglomeration of four different moods and therefore four different approaches to music itself. Musically the EP, of course, draws on Papolious Jones’ first five tracker just that this time the Barcelona-based artist stimulates the body, mind and soul with some musical funk(iness). The EP starts with We’re The OGs (Original Ghosts), which not only comes in with a lush and seemingly groovey bass line but has, as the track title already reveals, haunting chord-sequences that evoke a spooky yet mysterious atmosphere. Bleepy chords as well as slight percussive elements in the background respectively in the low frequencies serve as the harmonic counterpart and add a certain warmth to the track, so that We’re The OGs is the soundtrack to a dark vault rave.

Papolious Jones’ EP Volume 2 will be released on Top Rhythm Boppers.

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