DJ CHARTS Len Lewis [666 Recordings]

The clubs are open and so it’s time to dig into some artist’s records bags respectively their USBs. Londoner SiTH-House maestro Len Lewis, who’s had a tremendous 2021 so far in terms of releases, shares his current top10 with Torture the Artist, which not only includes music from the don himself but also cuts from renowned and aspiring artists. Lewis, who just had a release on Deep Sleep Robot, stays true to his Sinister Techhouse style and delivers tracks that have a more techy-vibe but also include musical nuances like Acid or House.

  1. Len Lewis – Joy [Physical Education]
  2. LO’99 – Acid Worldwide (Extended Mix) [Medium Rare Records]
  3. Dennis Cruz – Five [Muse]
  4. Jerome Robins, Return of the Jaded – Deeper Underground [Hood Politics Records]
  5. Lexicons – Out My Head [666 Recordings]
  6. NightFunk – Isolated [Hot Fuss]
  7. Kristin Velvet – Frequency [Arms and Legs]
  8. Azete – In My Head [Saved Records]
  9. Eskuche – Believe [Etiquette]
  10. Mike D – Meta Transcendent [Futura]

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