EXCLUSIVE J. Wiltshire ‘Living In The IDE’ [Awkwardly Social]

Berlin’s not so socially awkward label Awkwardly Social drums up label affiliates for the third installment to deliver four artistically rich and diverse takes. Besides LĂ„rry, who was responsible for the label’s second release, the EP also features tracks from Yushh, Pugilist and Jacob Wiltshire. The UK-producer, who entered the scene with a release on Hypercolour, now (co-) runs not only his own label Super Hexagon, but can already look back at a release on MUSAR among others.With Living In The IDE Wiltshire musically remains true to himself as he comes up with a rather spheric almost cinematic ambient take whose power becomes evident if you let yourself in for this experience of sounds interacting with each other under the umbrella of a contemporary piece of musical art. Wiltshire perfectly and almost mosaic-like puzzles the sounds together to create the track title suggested IDE or rather makes the inner workings of it visible or hearable for an audience.

Awkwardly Social’s V/A EP will be released on October 15th, 2021.

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