EXCLUSIVE Dandeloo ‘Infinite Path’ [Sentaku]

The Sentaku cosmos expands by four tracks, two each from Lamalice and Dandeloo, for the overall sixth installment, Onogawa Kisaburō, on the label. The EP, named after a sumo ringer, who was the first ever recorded Yokozuna, circles – namley at least – around the label’s preference for Japanese culture. Musically though, the four tracks on the EP or the artists have internalized the mantra to complement one another. While Dandeloo’s takes are a bit more dreamy, Lamalice has some kind of rawness and this unfinished touch in his tracks. Also Lamalice’s tracks aim a little bit more at the dance floor and have more peak-moments, while Dandeloo comes in more groovey. That’s probably why we can speak of the ying and the yang here! However, Infinite Path, the A1, basically does what the track title foreshadows, it attracts the listener to its infinitive synth-line and guides one the path through the track-labyrinth, which is not an odyssee but a smooth journey. If you did not know how to start your set yet, here’s your chance to groove into the night.

Onogawa Kisaburō will be released soon on Sentaku.

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