EXCLUSIVE Banana Moon ‘Full Service’ [Funnujovere]

Funnuvojere’s ninth installment is a collaborative work between label head Massimiliano Pagliara and CockTail d’Amore resident as well as Philoxenia Records founder Luigi Di Venere under their Banana Moon alias. The debut four tracker called Delphinium Blue – in reference to one of Derek Jarman’s favored flowers – not only combines different moods and vibes but also musical diversity. Full Service, the A2, brings Breaks, a rather funky bass and an organ, reviving those 90s feel good moments, together and ensure that the track is not only ready for an autumn nightlife season but make one experience proper dance floor moves when being played out in a club due to its driving character. So Full Service does exactly what its title suggests, it delivers an all-around carefree package for dancers.

Banana Moon’s EP Delphinium Blue will be released on Funnujovere on November 1st, 2021.

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