ART:CAST #121 by Azo

The craziest girl from the block is throwing the best parties in Brussels“ and now this crazy artist compiled the latest edition of the art:cast series so everyone can have an own living room Azo experience or wherever you want to have Azo bump through your speakers. Her mixture of Acid, Breaks, broken beats with a Drum’n’Bass note and House in various nuances though certainly aims at the dance floors. Additionally to her outstanding DJ- and selector-skills and the initially mentioned part-hosting talent Azo has also been releasing own music on the latest Duality Trax compilation and had an EP, Infinity, together with Oton out last year. More tracks from Azo can be found on Chineurs de House, C12 or Spitfire Music – just to name a few labels. The “craziest girl“ has way more in the pipe though and just with the tease of her energetic music in the art:cast #121, we are eager to experience more Azo-moments in the future.


  1. Resistance D – Paranoid
  2. DJ Life – Exaltic
  3. Insync vs. Mysteron – Exit 9
  4. Sound Synthesis – Moog Dancer
  5. Eversines – Waveformer
  6. Kasper Marott – Bleep
  7. Voodoos & Taboos – Doorway
  8. Scope Zone – Liquid Earth
  9. HearThuG – Alien, All Too Alien
  10. Yosh – My Fire
  11. Anna Wall & Corbi – DAT 3
  12. Posthuman – Terror Police
  13. Electric Universe – Alien Encounter, Part 2
  14. Channel Pressure – Terratropin
  15. Local Group – Watch This Beat

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