Shortly before the release of his six tracker Universal Love on Will Saul’s infamous Aus Music label, Andy Graham alias Sei A mixed and compiled the latest art:cast special for Torture the Artist touching the roots of electronic music with a mixture of spaced out House, dubby Techno and a portion of Acid. Just like when it comes to his own productions Sei A portrays a picture of diversity with this mix, still following one vibe or groove that lures the listener into the universal cosmos of the artist. Graham, who’s been an Aus Music-mainstay since 2013 not only has released more than a handful EPs on the label but also two albums, namely Space in Your Mind and Kinetic Action. Besides Aus Music Sei A has put out music on labels such as Life And Death or Hemlock Recordings. With a career in the electronic music scene for more than a decade, Andy has probably seen it all and heard a lot, speaking of the latter the artist choose a new approach to music and put out an ambient and more experimental EP, Method One, under his real name on his newly founded AG-Sounds label. His mix for Torture the Artist things come full circle, because and as initially mentioned, Andy combines different various musical influences to create one coherent sound-experience.

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