EXCLUSIVE Nicolas Duque ‘Thumb Stopper (Italia 93 Mix)’ [Nuances de Nuit]

Nuances de Nuit, Lucie’s and T. Jacques label for modern Electronic music dance floor aesthetics, is back with another edition of their eponymic V/A series. The seventh volume include contributions from DJOKO, Mitch Wellings, Occibel and Bogota-based artist Nicolas Duque. Latter delivers, as the track title may suggest already, the most Italo-Disco take of the EP, which goes by the name of Thump Stopper (Italia 93 Mix) and captures the vibe of an early or as the press-text states ‘an obscure 94 Italian record.’ Thump Stopper has a repetitive inriguing synth hook-line, includes little scratches and even backspins, vocal samples that complement the track’s elements and create an overal harmonic vibe that makes the track the perfect match for any set-time to be played out.

Nuances de Nuit Vol. 7 will be released in September 2021.

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