EXCLUSIVE Sir Lord Comixx ‘After The Sun Fades’ [Ugly Music]

Founded back in 1996 by Felix Dickinson & Tony Lee Ugly Music has always captured House- and Techno music’s momemtum still remaining true to the origin of the music by providing their followers as well as music enthusiasts with classy releases that have a classic note. And Ugly Music has managed to remain true to their style, even after 25 years of putting out music and dedicating themselves to what the label is passionate about – maybe that’s the label’s formula of success, maybe it’s just knowledge, experience and the love for music. However, Ugly Music rings in the third season of 2021 with a stellar four tracker from UK’s finest Sir Lord Comixx that goes by the name of Play Loud, Be Proud. The EP definitely does exactly what it says on tin and when following the instructions from its title. The A2, After The Sun Fades, seemingly is a dedication to the blue hour of the day and all its beauty. A tapping bass line is shortly after it’s first beat provided wih an irresistable synth-line and pushing hi-hats that makes the listener loses him-/herself in those chords. And even if Sir Lord Comixx only uses little effects and the track itself is basically built around the synth-line, After The Sun Fades is close to perfection or maybe it is, because it is not an overloaded track and just focuses on what’s important.

Sir Lord Comixx’s EP Be Proud, Play Loud is released on Ugly Music in September 2021.

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