DJ CHARTS Holly Lester [Duality Trax]

She has the magic touch for meaningful music, not only when it comes to her own label Duality Trax, which was launched in 2020, but also when putting those records on the 1210s. Holly Lester¬†hailing from Belfast to the world certainly has dropped the label of an aspiring artist supporting or playing alongside renowned scene mainstays like Motor City Drum Ensemble, Mano Le Tough or Joy Orbison as her DJ skills have drawn the attention to her and her selector skills. Consequently Holly has become an AVA festival regular, played a tremendous Boiler Room session or appeared on BBC radio. This year saw the busy artist co-founding a lobbying / advocacy for Northern Irish nightlife and the night time economy called Free The Night, campaigning for more progession with licensing and a better infrastructure for creatives at night. In-between all those different and demanding tasks and with gigs coming in Holly has compiled a top10 of her current favorites (in no specific order) that depict her style, which according to her bio, is a mixture of ‘raw analogue jams [that] rub shoulders with dreamy trance tinged melodies and swirling breakbeats, [and is] constantly driven by the distinct percussive energy‘.

  1. Slim Steve ‘Vibe (Etari Remix)’ [Low Recordings]
  2. Felipe Gordon ‘Analog Only‘ [Shall Not Fade]
  3. Black Loops ‘Corbezzolo‘ [Wilson Records]
  4. C.K ‘Frostbite‘ [PRS]
  5. Swoose ‘Allure‘ [Shall Not Fade]
  6. Baby Roll√©n ‘Data Breach‘ [Duality Trax]
  7. Paramida ‘Dream Ritual‘ [Love On The Rocks]
  8. Mitch Wellings ‘Playing Our Game (Youandewan Remix)‘ [Space Tours]
  9. Ramu ‘Mirrored Me‘ [Magic Carpet]
  10. K.Hand ‘Got To Love‘ [Acacia Records]

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