EXCLUSIVE Paolo Mosca ‘Different Places’ [OPIA Records]

Hailing from the lagoon city of Venice it’s Paolo Mosca who’s up next on London label OPIA. The five tracker Age of Fusion indeed is a split EP from the Paolo and Forest ill Records co-founder Idris Bena, who contributes three original tracks wheras Mr. Mosca delivered two, namely Orion Trance and Different Places. The latter, the B1 on the EP, is a spheric sound-wonder taking you – as the track title suggests – to places. Starting off with a bouncey yet moderate bass line the track’s first lead-synth sequence sets and guides the listener through this soft sounds construct. Bleepy sounds ring in the second sequence of sounds, which comes in with another synth-melody, that cover the same pitch but is different in its tonal array. A second break emphasizes on the beforementioned bleepy sounds creating an atmosphere of having reached a place in outer space from which one is taken back to planet belt as soon as the familiar synth- and bass-line set in again and round off Paolo’s journey to different places.

Paolo Mosca and Idris Bena’s split EP Age of Fusion will be released on OPIA Records.

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