EXCLUSIVE Felice ‘Leaving Trails’ [Live At Robert Johnson]

Live At Robert Johnson continues to deliver the (Italo) Disco goodies with the release of Felice‘s Infinite Suburbia EP. The four tracker is altogether provided with two original tracks, Infinite Suburbia and Leaving Trails, while the EP’s eponymous track comes with an instrumental version and a remix from Lauer. The B1, Leaving Trails, covers various musical influences and is seemingly more dark and clubby as Infinite Suburbia. However, the track takes the same (positive) summer route as the title track and has unbeatable intriguing chords that awake the dreamer in every dancefloor romancer, the shuffling hi-hats add a pushing feel, namely that of moving your shoulders in the beat of the groove with closed eyes to give in to the chord sequences.

Felice’s EP Infinite Suburbia will be released on Live At Robert Johnson on July 30th, 2021.

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