EXCLUSIVE B.R. Posse ‘Vectrax (Part 2)’ [We’re Going Deep]

After We’re Going Deep‘s third installment of contemporary (Deep) House tracks and an EP by maestro Luke Vibert the British label has compiled a new four tracker with classy tunes for your listening pleasure. The label’s strength definitely is to unite different approaches to the deeper genre that all cover a similar yet not identical vibe and therefore suit multiple set times as well as they satisfy any music lover’s thirst for underground artist discoveries. The label’s fourth V/A comes with new music from Reedale Rise, Owain K, Polytunnel and mysterious act B.R Posse. The latter released his EP Dreaming Of The Bassline as B.R. Posse on Rephlex Records back in 1999. His LP Drop Acid Not Bombs and an EP called You’ll Never Get Anywhere By Spending All Day Playing Around With That Bloody Drum Machine both were out on Rephlex too albeit under his Railway Raver moniker. So 22 years after a last release as B.R. Posse he contributes the A2 of the latest We’re Going Deep EP with a cut that goes by the name of Vectrax (Part 2). With bleeps as sharp as in this track, there might be a connection to a Vectrax, a yet to be fully developed product that is supposed to eleminate mosquitos before they can transmit a disease. However, Vectrax (Part 2) basically combines sin-esque sounding bleeps with an utterly addictive nostalgic seeming lead-melody, which in no way is interrupted but completed with the beforementioned sounds. In sine-wave style the parts of melodic comprehensiveness and bleeps alternate throughout the track but never lose the artist’s as well as the label’s preferred and taken deep path.

We’re Going Deep Vol. 4 will be released on We’re Going Deep.

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