DJ CHARTS Timo Deeprhythms [Echocentric / Coymix Ltd]

Commonly known, widely appreciated and hard to shirk from his musical taste and selection, it is Finnish artist Timo Deeprhythms who provides us with his current favorites (in no particular order). As the co-founder of Coymix Ltd – alongside Steffan Todorović, and owner of Echocentric Records Timo always has his finger at the pulse of time in a musical sense, a trait that is depecited in the one way or another in his selection and for usually also in his mixes and sets. So while everybody’s waiting for new music to drop on either one of the labels Mr. Deeprhythms is involved with, he shortens the wait with the following ten tracks.

  1. Outlander ‘Beyond Computation‘ [R&S Records]
  2. Adam Pits ‘The Age Of Ent‘ [On Rotation]
  3. Deep Nalström ‘Perpetual Motion‘ [Nummer]
  4. Dylan Forbes ‘Trip 2 Jupiter’ [393 Records]
  5. Remotif ‘Ladybird‘ [Pleasant Life]
  6. KiTa ‘Blade of Grass‘ [Companion]
  7. DJ Blasy ‘Mutazione’ [Planet Sundae]
  8. YUF-O ‘Rebuild, Recharge‘ [Superconscious Records]
  9. -=UHU=- ‘Ringed Planet‘ [PARTOUT]
  10. Alphonse ‘Moments In‘ [OCD SS x Kalahari Oyster Cult]

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