REVIEW Oden & Fatzo & THEOS feat. AO ‘Honeymoon’ [Sake Records]

It didn’t take long from the first tease recorded over the roofs of Paris where the boys Oden, Fatzo, and THEOS performed Honeymoon with AO on a balcony ringing in a funk-da-fied housey summer. Nearly six months after Oden & Fatzo’s EP Toboggan on Sake Records, the trio invited multi-talented artists Theos and AO for the latest release on the label.

The Honeymoon single, a three-minute 47-second journey through a time-space continuum, within one’s mind, holds what the track title promises: sweet beats, delicate vocals, and positive vibes through and through. Starting with a few solo beats, Honeymoon introduces the track’s carrying chords and AO’s hauntingly beautiful vocals sing about leaving humans (or the human race) behind for a long-wanted dream about traveling to space as a couple. Just like the vocals, the instrumental captures the urge to move forward in a multi-layered manner. The initial funkiness is wrapped in a safe amount of nostalgia while every chord and beat in-store is further accessorized with positivity. However, it is the paradox of wanting to go on a honeymoon, implying a second person, until they find themselves alone in space, bound to the problems they intended to leave behind. And to complete the confusion, Honeymoon, or rather the instrumental emphasizes the ease and surrender that is obliged for this journey. While AO is responsible for the lead vocals, THEOS partly supports her as the track’s futuristic space-odyssey vibe with a talk-box – once made famous by artists like Roger Troutman or New Jack Swing-icon Teddy Riley. Unsurprisingly, the musical love affair ends with a filter-ride combined with the beforementioned talk-box intermezzo – creating hope for the continuation of the track– before it is stopped at its peak.

Honeymoon depicts the created paradox of wanting to celebrate something meaningful with an associated person/ partner but finding oneself left alone with problems – even in space (that you likely need to solve first to enjoy the trip with somebody else). Nevertheless, the positive is realizing that an individual’s sovereign self-value will surpass the truth of loneliness and abandons the impulse to leave people behind to find that out. Paved with funky chords, this realization or rather awareness underlines the importance and relevance of the track, making Honeymoon a summer statement track that can be listened to for pure pleasure outside or a way to dig a little deeper inside.

Oden & Fatzo & THEOS feat. AO Honeymoon was released on Sake Records on June 16th, 2021.

Words by Holger Breuer

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