EXCLUSIVE Chinaski ‘Energy 1 (DJ Overdose Rebeat Mix)’ [Dischi Autunno]

Longtime label friend Chinaski returns to Dischi Autunno with a lot of energy in store. The artist from the Rhine-Main area, who’s been part of several releases on Dischi – amongst them a collaboration with Curses, a remix for Curses ft. Perel or, his latest contribution, the track Blood Patch for Intermezzo Uno – delivers two tracks, namely Energy 1 and 2, which are provided with remixes from Nadia Struiwigh and DJ Overdose. The latter took on remix duties for the first energetic musical approach and adds his broken beats to it turning the take into a dark-disco anthem with a slight break-ish touch and basically creates a mixture of music that has yet to be found a genre for.

Chinaski’s Energy EP will be released on Dischi Autunno on June 25th, 2021.

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