REVIEW Ricky Razu ‘Power Of Love’ [Happiness Therapy]

It’s been two weeks since the French label, Happiness Therapy, dropped a soulful gem of an EP. It’s Belgian funkster Ricky Razu’s recent release Power of Love we’re talking about – known for his track record with Cliff Music, Houseum Records, and 13th Hour Records to name a few. Ricky Razu continues to push forward his sound to the next level, with the help of his signature of head-nodding, his smooth House marks the artist as one of the leaders of European House in 2021. Power of Love is a 4-track House EP encapsulating engaging basslines, groovy rhythms, and heartening vocals – the ideal sounds to bathe your parties in this summer.

First and foremost, the EP track title, opens with an engaging bassline, with stomping piano keys and funky guitar lines that suspend a blend between Jimi Hendrix and James Brown’s signature groove. The sound illuminates Garage House vibrations, accompanied by the vocals “just feel the power of love” that present a noticeable UK Acid House piano melody. Razu fiercely plays with different music eras by adding church-like organ keys at the end, suggesting that the music, together with the power of love, is something of a co-dependent bond.

A tropical House groove kicks off the A2 side, gathering string-rich sonic layers with a Disco jingle. The track grinningly takes from its preceding sister, elevating itself in auditory richness and funky sounds. The realization that the cheerful head-nodding is accompanied by an impulsive split: “Hey, so, this is a little bit awkward but, I kind of just wanted to call and get it over with. Things haven’t really been working out well between us (…) I care about you a lot, but I think this is the best decision (…)”.

Opening the backside of the EP, Self Control’brings dynamic old school sounds together, revisiting the UK rave piano keys and New York House Diva-like vocals that make the track stand out. With its chord progression and raw up-tempo percussions, the track makes a lethal temptation for the soulful clubbers, where self-control doesn’t stand a chance.

Skippy beats finalize the EP, In the Moment, a break-filled ending track that welcomes high-energy piano riffs and immersive vocals. The voices of people in the background create a clubby environment; a place where everyone is dancing (and sweating) in the same room and where vibrations tremble over the same hollow roof. Razu loops a spoken sample, adding on as it evolves: “Really, it’s just a vibe, being in the moment that I’m in (…). Every day I’m working at discovering new things with my music, finding new sources of inspiration, and really it’s just about being in the moment that I’m in right now”.

As the fog rises from these uncertain times, the Power of Love embodies the perfect release to get out(side) to get clubbers more uplifted. With its affirming vocals and dreamy Garage keys, Razu’s EP factors House DJ’s must-have addition for a summer-ready series of sets.

Ricky Razu’s Power of Love EP was released on 28th May 2021 on Happiness Therapy.

Words by Iman Cavargna-Sani.

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