ART:CAST #113 by Lis Sarroca

It’s Breaks, it’s House, it’s simply an hour full of energetic, diverse and exquisite music by one of the scene’s rising artists, Lis Sarroca. Having released on labels like Hot Haus Records, Shall Not Fade and upcoming weapons on Chiwax/Rawax as well as an EP on her own imprint Maai Records shortly, the half Mexican and half Spanish artist has and will share her vision of classy and club-oriented music in all its beauty and complexity. Be it influences from the 90s with anecdotes from recent musical impacts, Lis simply soaks up and puts those smoothly together to create her own sound and vibe. The outcome differs from time to time and her tracks cannot be pinpointed to one genre only but range from House over to Breaks to Techhouse with a melodic note or 90’s Rave. Bearing all this in mind, it was inevitable that Lis compiled and mixed an art:cast that reflects on her musical past, present and future, namely combining released and unreleased takes from several genres in her instinctive way to create a clubby and summer-ish mix that you could have enjoyed a while back, you can relate to in present times and that you will love for the rest of your life, because it’s simply classy and versatile. Bounce, bounce, bounce.


  1. Denham Audio – Make U Move
  2. Cinthie – Offenbach Anthem (OFA)
  3. Lis Sarroca – Unreleased
  4. Ewan McVicar – 1001 Freestyle
  5. Shadow Child – Romford
  6. J Wax & Deejay Bloom – FourFifty
  7. Justin Jay – Make That Bounce
  8. Demonik – Frenzy
  9. Return Of The Living Acid – Twin Tub
  10. DJ Hell – G.P.S.
  11. Paolo Macri ‎– Outdoor
  12. CORP – Lost Connection

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