EXCLUSIVE Jan Janssen ‘Aegidius (Jamaimoi Remix)’ [barbecue]

Blow on blow, banger after banger, barbecue accelerates the tempo of its releases without a decrease in quality. After Jamaimoi’s frechghettotouch EP and DJ Nervous’ Indy Whip spectacle it is now Jan Janssen who shares personally influenced music that portrays the best moments and stations of and in his life under the name Like Home. Hailing from the city of Rotterdam the aspiring artist brings three original version to the table while French producers Naux and the initially mentioned Jamaimoi took on remix duties for Le Tedey respectively Aegidius. While the former track title refers to memories at the Tedey campsite in Lacanau, the latter, Aegidius, is a hint to Janssen’s new life as a student in Rotterdam in the street of Aegidius. While the original version of the track is a smooth melodic almost summer-ish take, Jamaimoi sticks to the vibe and memorable array of chords but builds a entirely new foundation by exchanging the bassline with a raw and more driving one that makes his approach a highlight in every (club)-set.

Jan Janssen’s EP Like Home will be released on barbecue on June 18th, 2021.

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