EXCLUSIVE Dance Station ‘Raise Up’ [Mireia Records]

Dance Station are Josh Praus and Layne Fox from 40 Thieves, who release their altogether only second common EP on Hamburg-based and RSS Disco run label Mireia Records. After a hiatus of a more than a half year due to the pandemic and the nighlife being shut down the guys from RSS Disco decided to kick off their 2021 with the decline of measurements and a perspective of being able to play the one or the other gig again. And et voila here comes Dance Station’s PopFizz EP, a five tracker conisting out of three originals and two remixes from Permanent Vacation boss Benjamin Fröhlich and Casino Times, who took on remix duties for the title track of the EP PopFizz. But Mireia’s catalogue number 19 has more to deliver than just a remarkable title track, namely there is La Mossa and Raise Up completing the package and musically adding even more deepness to the EP. The a2, Raise Up, is a cosmic space stomper with intriguing chords that continuously interact with each other and therefore raise things up in the course of the track like an on-going musical dialogue between the soundscapes and elements that ensnare each other, fiery debate and in the end agree.

Dance Station’s PopFizz EP will be released on Mireia Records on June 18th, 2021.

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