EXCLUSIVE Vilaine Dufrene ‘Step Bump!’ [Community Center]

With the original demo version of Step Bump! put up by Les Disques du Lobby last year, the track is now part of Parisian label Community Center‘s Bangers Service accompanied by four more pieces that are musically rooted in various periods of time and musical eras. Vilaine Dufrene‘s take, Step Bump!, seems to be, at first, a typical workout track from the 80s with commands of how to move but at second listen offers Housey pads that unusually well fit the workout plan being provided throughout the track. With a rather positive tone, motivating one to move in the beat and heat of the moment, Step Bump! is the track to gain back your pre-pandemic shape unconditionally at a physical and psychological level. Now recite the alphabet from Z to A backwards.

Community Center’s Banger Service will be released on June 18th, 2021.

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