EXCLUSIVE HDSN ‘For My People’ [Nuthin But A Soul Thing]

Paying tribute to his musical roots doesn’t quite hit the nail on its head as Michael Bihler, better known under his artist moniker HDSN, seemingly works House Music’s history and the story of its pioneers skill- and carefully into his four track comprising EP For My People – the 12th release on his label Nuthing But A Soul Thing. Without any doubt the opening and at the same time the EP’s eponymous track For My People captures the vibe of early House days due to its intriguing deep chords in combination with a memorable piano-chord array that characterize the track’s backbone. The track’s message, the repetition of the spoken words, underlines of not to say highlights the initially mentioned tribute paying or homage to House Music’s founding artists. Besides its groovey-character For My People peaks in a break that does away with clichés as it does not stimulate the (urgent) necessity of a predictable drop but holds in before an Acid-line is added to the track – unexpectedly yet magnificently remind one even more of the past without sounding like it. An instant classic.

HDSN’s For My People EP was released on Nuthin But A Soul Thing on May 21st, 2021.

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