EXCLUSIVE Massimiliano Pagliara ‘Forgotten Secrets’ [Uncanny Valley]

Massimiliano Pagliara‘s connection to Uncanny Valley seems to be a leased line, however with the third part of Connection Lost the blessed producer carries the series to a finish. The intergalactic EP consisting out of four spheric approaches delivers a variety of music for a flamboyant night out there, in the dark, in the club, under the sky. The EP’s second take, Forgotten Secrets, is one of these hidden gems that collects the listener with an intriguing and uncompromising (fast) drum work and undeniably irrestistable pads. The latter on the on the one hand support the rattling bass line and on the other hand have a soothing effect yet they are not slowing down the tempo or the vibe of the track but have it primarily expose its full potential through out the track.

Massimiliano Pagliara’s EP Connection Lost Pt. 3 was be released on Uncanny Valley on May 26th, 2021.

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