EXCLUSIVE Omar Joesoef ‘Chants of Gorontalo (Cosmo Vitelli What was the question again Remix)’ [Hard Fist]

Hard Fist‘s next release explores the chants and rituals of one of the world’s last tribes living or holding on to ancient occurrences. Therefore Indonasian artist Omar Joesoef digged deep into the archieves of abandoned radio station on Java island to come up with samples of old recordings of the tribe. Unsurprisingly Joesoef names the EP’s opening track, Chants of Gorontalo, after an Indonesian province on Sulawesi island, where the Dayak tribes lives and practices the ancient and traditional way of living. Aside from three more orginal tracks, namely Morning World, It’s the Heat in the Room and a digital bonus track, Joesoef’s Rituals of Gorontalo EP is provided with two remixes. While Jonathan Kusumu reworks It’s the Heat in the Room, French hyper-spacey artist Cosmo Vitelli takes on remix duties for Chants of Gorontalo and turns it into a futuristic out of space tune that’s implementation of racecar sounds, space-filling soundscapes whirl around and stir up elements from the original. However, it’s the pads and synth-sequences in the second part of the eight minute lasting journey that serves as a counterpart to the spiritual didgeridoo-like sounds that accompany the listener from start to the very end.

Omar Joesoef‘s Rituals of Gorontalo will be released on Hard Fist June 10th, 2021.

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