EXCLUSIVE Eddie Leader ‘Fade Away’ [Hudd Traxx]

Hudd Traxx celebrates its fifteenth anniversary with a potpouri of tracks from artists that have released music throughout the years on the Deep House label in two parts. The first episode comes with four tracks from artists like Jovonn, Nightmares On Wax, Black Loops and the label-head himself, Eddie Leader, who returns to his own imprint after his There’s A Time EP that was out in January. The head-honcho of Hudd Traxx contributes Fade Away, closing off the first part of 15 Years of Hudd Traxx ‘Here & Now’. The track’s backbbone is a wobbling almost Acid-esque sound presentation which ensnare the female vocal consisting of the words fade away and radiate that are burn into one’s mind through its repetitive character and in combination with the bleepy sounds. The latter are supported and enriched with partial sweet strings that add a harmonically melodious note to the track.

15 Years Of Hudd Traxx ‘Here & Now’ Part 1 will be released on May 11th, 2021.

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