EXCLUSIVE Len Lewis ‘King Kong’ [Drifted Records]

Specialized and home to extraordinary classy (House) music Drifted Records admits legendary producer Len Lewis, who delivers the third installment for the Londoners. Contrasting from the masses Lewis throw’s four takes in the ring that can be felt as the Renaissance of 90’s Tech filled music and times and is summed up under the EP title Critical Mass. With releases on Swag or Poodle Lewis was a scene’s mainstay from late 90s to the early 2000s but then took a break of nearly 15 years from the electronic music scene before firing out a bunch of new music with the start of the golden 20s. This year Lewis already put out a four tracker for Banoffee Pies’ Black Label series, which is now followed by his Critical Mass EP and musically digs into the artist’s past. It is not surprising that the A2, King Kong, therefore is a rather Breaks-influenced take, a preference the artist has referred to with quite some releases. However, King Kong combines the best of two worlds, the groovy bassline one can find in Break-ish tracks enriched with an undeniable funkiness plus a short vocal that could polish any House-track but is now the backbone of King Kong.

Len Lewis’ EP Critical Mass will be released Drifted Records on June 23rd, 2021.

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