EXCLUSIVE Keisuke ‘At Last’ [Phonica White]

Originally from the UK but currently calling Berlin home, it’s Keisuke who delivers the next release on Phonica White. The artist’s At Last EP consists out of four tracks, each capturing a slightly different note and vibe but every single track cultivates Christopher Iwatsu’s, Keisuke’s real name, trademark sound: groovey partly percussive basslines paired with intriguing synth-lines that can be classified as classical House Music. The EP’s most uplifting take is At Last which simply and effectively takes its listener on a 7 minute and 22 seconds lasting trip through different House spheres. Intriguing pads create a mystery that is partly broken open by the track’s key-synth-line that is as summer-ish as it can be as if At Last was a mirror of present times with a positive ending – at last.

Keisuke’s At Last EP will be released on Phonica White on May 14th, 2021.

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