EXCLUSIVE FM Live ‘Tal Como Soy (Tom Trago Remix)’ [DGTL Records]

With the next installment of their Various Artists series DGTL Records readies the second release of 2021 on their label that sees festival as well as label affiliates taking on remix duties for four takes from the label’s release catalogue, which has now grown to 15 numbers. While Mumbai-based artist Sandunes reworks Loveshai’s track Solo, German Disco-king Lauer sprinkles his magic on Vermelho Wonder’s Espetáculos Extraordinários. The third remix in this package comes from UK’s music ambassador Fort Romeau who delivers a rather melodic ambient approach of Pin Up Club’s Sanguine. Lastly it is Rush Hour mainstay and Dutch House icon Tom Trago who comes in with a dancefloor groover of FM Live’s Tal Como Soy. Starting off with a bouncey bassline the listener is introduced to the funky note right away before Trago introduces one to some sweet synth sequences, breaks with the latter in media res to continue riding or emphasizing that funky bassline before coming back to the intriguing chords that kindle temporal Balearic vibe. Maybe it’s a foretaste of what is yet to come in summer or it’s simply a musical piece that let’s your mind wander and imagine a more positive time, namely one when people were dancing under a blue sky during the festival season.

Volume Two Remixes will be released on DGTL Records on April 30th, 2021.

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