EXCLUSIVE Luca Piermattei ‘The Cycle Of Nature’ [Fresh Tunez’

Under the System Error umbrella a new force awakens, namely that of Fresh Tunez, which is about to spread its House music magic from Berlin to the world. The first release comes from Polarity Records and Fantasy Attitude founder Luca Piermattei, who delivers five tracks with a touch of forgotten dancefloor feelings to take up followers with a raw and distinctive sound. The Cycles Of Nature, the A2 of the EP, comes in with a fusion of Breakbeat-elements and a Deep House synth-line luring or rather soaking the listener into a world where melodies delightfully charme one’s mind over and over again as Piermattei enriches the track’s main loop with various nuances and varieties of accompanying bleepy or cosmic sounds that make one re-experience the same experience differently each time one hears it – like an infinite cycle of nature you neither want nor do want to get out of.

Luca Piermattei’s EP Sounds From The Heart will be released on Fresh Tunez soon.

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