ART:CAST #108 by Timo Deeprhythms

Running one renowned record label is quite an achievement, being involved in two is something extraordinary. Timo Rotonen better known as Timo Deeprhythms or just as Deeprhythms, which is also a music platform the Helsinki citizen established in 2001, is the founder of Echocentric Records and co-founder of Coymix Ltd or two imprints that shape House Music’s underground and warrant that the scene around the music evolves. However, Timo has not only implemented two prominent labels but made a name himself as eminent DJ and curator of the arts, which he not only shares with his selection for radio shows or gigs but also at Bandcamp – supporting the artists at the same time ( The Finn’s approach to music is rather eclectic, a freedom that often comes with experience and age, still it shall not or is not to be mistaken by triviality because Timo’s music ror his mixes are the opposite, hence he mixes himself through various genres and subgenres of the electronic music scene, yet all his selected tracks follow one flow and/or cover the deep- and dreaminess the artist enjoys and which represent his trademark sound. For Torture the Artist Timo has curated and mixed a 1 hour and 13 minute lasting piece that portrays the beforementioned musically and makes one escape and forget current outer influences. It’s just music. It’s deeprhythm.

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