EXCLUSIVE Grant Dell ‘Intoxication’ [Long Vehicle]

Leipzig based label Long Vehicle, run by Sevensol and Marc Schnubber, is back with a reference EP to the current strange times called DM Me When It’s Over. The Kann Records co-founder Alex Neuschulz alias Sevensol curated four tracks for the label’s 2021 kick-off with works from Lara, Carmel & Salomo, Edward and UK scene mainstay Grant Dell. The latter contributes Intoxication to the V/A EP, a track that has been slumbering on some of his old DATs – amongst other tracks – for quite some time and explains the artist’s excursion into a more tech-housey direction as the present Grant Dell mainly focuses on Dub/ Reggae productions. However, Intoxication seems to have this timelessness other takes from the artists also do and therefore fits perfectly into current DJ(streamed)-sets. A rather lush, groovey and enriched with percussions bass line pushes the listener right into the track or let’s say makes the track start in media res. A subtle and evenly chord boosts the groover even more until the listener is given a short breather with a little and the track well-fitting short sequence of keys before the initially introduced loop carries one throughout the track.

DM Me When It’s Over will be released on Long Vehicle on April 9th, 2021.