EXCLUSIVE Jennifer Touch ‘Nails And Fails’

(A) Good Friday basis is the day before, Holy Thursday. And both days are seemingly to become good days as Jennifer Touch releases her first ever self-release EP on her Bandcamp-page. The artist, who’s originally home in Berlin, has been residing in Brighton for a few months now to work in the FatCat Studio and, according to Jen, “found a fresh perspective on music and life.” Latter is something inevitable, probably even more challenging in these times, to create or come up with new ways to produce music and the connected creative process. However, the always and forever Riotvan family member, shares three new tracks with her audience under the EP’s working title Moon In Aries. While the entire EP will be available on the before mentioned Good Friday, the take Nails And Fails is ready for your listening pleasure by now. The track is an experimental IDM-influenced excursion into Jennifer’s current artistic state of mind, with bubbling chords and the artist’s catchy voice, whispering singing speaking her way throughout the track and generating an atmosphere as well as vibe that crawls into one’s mind (at night).

Jennifer Touch’s EP Moon In Aries will be released on April 2nd, 2021.

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